Farmer Training in Indramayu Sub District


Contact Person: Sisi Febriyanti Muin

As a part of collaboration project between Columbia University and Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), CCROM SEAP held one day training titled Climate Index Insurance and Dynamic Crop Calendar on October 28, 2013 at farmer meeting hut at Majasih Village and Sliyed sub district office lobby at Tugu Village. The main objective of this training is to improved agricultural risk management research capacity through creation of a dynamic cropping calendar and forecast-based index insurance in Indramayu District, West Java. With supports from USAID, the Climate Index Insurance and Dynamic Crop Calendar Training with farmers was organized to deliver the project results to grass root level. This 1 (one) day training was attended by 63 farmers from Majasih Village and 33 participants from Tugu Village, as well as attended by 3 representatives from climate teams.

The discussion was opened by an update local government programs related to agriculture at each village from head of sub district (at Tugu village). Representative from CCROM SEAP IPB, Prof Rizaldi Boer lead the discussion and senior extension worker, Pak Koesnomo supported with translating into local languages. The training was filled by discussion on climate index insurance and various inputs from farmers for this development.