Social and Energy Monitoring System for the Future Eco-City


Contact Person : Gladys Siti Hatmanti

In order to further enhance the research collaboration between CCROM SEAP and Bogor City Government to support and develop Bogor Eco City mission, since 2015, CCROM SEAP in close collaboration with NIES and FUJITSU Ltd. Japan have been developed and installed the energy monitoring system in the household, commercial and government buildings in the area of Bogor City. The main purpose of this system is to find out and measure the electricity consumption pattern in different building and to make aware the local people on their energy consumption behavior by using real-time visualization of energy consumption pattern; as well as to help motivate the society to adopt innovative technologies that can reduce energy consumption and provide effective energy management.

In 2017, CCROM SEAP on behalf of NIES and FUJITSU Ltd. Japan have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SMP Negeri 5 and SMK Tri Dharma 2 Bogor City to install the monitoring system in school. The signing ceremony was held on February 24, 2017 in Corporate Division office of Bogor City Government, witnessed by the Corporate Division of Bogor City, Education Agency of Bogor City, BAPPEDA of Bogor City. It is planned that after the signing of the letter of the agreement, CCROM SEAP along with NIES, FUJITSU Ltd., and Fuji Electric Company as a sub-contractor will start to install the monitoring system in both schools to measure the energy use and electrical consumption in the school building. Through this project, it is expected to create awareness and consciousness among all the students and teachers regarding the importance of saving energy by changing our own behavior, which will expand gradually and as a whole will help Bogor City to create a sustainable and greener city.

Published Date: 30-Mar-2017